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Supaero Reinforcement Learning Initiative

Who we are

Professors, researchers, engineers, students, researching open questions in Reinforcement Learning. Most of us are affiliated with ISAE-SUPAERO, where the team is hosted.

What we do

We work on state of the art algorithms, study their properties mathematically and empirically, and apply them to challenging problems to bridge a gap between theory and real applications. We focus on Reinforcement Learning for sequential decision making problems and its links with other disciplines (e.g. Operations Research, Evolutionary Computation, Planning, Optimization).

Our applications

Autonomous vehicles, control of optimization processes, rehabilitation exoskeleton control, video games, aircraft landing scheduling, satellite resources planning, sailboat and UAV planning and control, mobile robot mission planning, computer bug tracking, fluid flows control.


SuReLI is led by Emmanuel Rachelson, with the collaboration of
Dennis Wilson — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning
Giuseppe Ferraro — ISAE-SUPAERO lab engineer

and a long list of other collaborators (click to unfold below). Caroline Chanel — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — MDP planning, Neuroergonomy
Nicolas Drougard — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — MDP planning, Neuroergonomy
Alain Haït — ISAE-SUPAERO professor — Industrial Eng., Mathematical Programming
Michael Bauerheim — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — Computational Fluid Dynamics
Thierry Jardin — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — Computational Fluid Dynamics
Elise Vareilles — ISAE-SUPAERO professor — Industrial Eng., Constraint Programming
Thomas Oberlin — ISAE-SUPAERO associate professor — Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Carlos Aguilar — ISAE-SUPAERO professor — Cryptography, Cybersecurity
Alexandre Albore — ONERA senior researcher — Robotics
Charles Lesire — ONERA senior researcher — Robotics
Xavier Olive — ONERA researcher — Machine Learning, Air Traffic Management
Daniel Delahaye — ENAC professor — Optimization, Air Traffic Management
Marcel Mongeau — ENAC professor — Optimization, Air Traffic Management
Catherine Mancel — ENAC associate professor — Optimization, Air Traffic Management
Hervé Luga — Université Toulouse 1 Professor — Artificial life
Timothée Masquelier — CNRS CerCo senior researcher — Computational neuroscience
Safia Kedad-Sidhoum — CNAM professor — Operations Research
Zacharie Ales — ENSTA associate professor — Operations Research

Current Post-docs, PhD students and interns:
Paul Strang (PhD 2022-, S. Kedad-Sidhoum, Z. Ales, E. Rachelson) — Solving repeated combinatorial optimization problems with machine learning
Hedwin Bonnavaud (PhD 2021-, C. Chanel, C. Lesire, A. Albore, E. Rachelson) — Planning and RL for robot tasks
Paul-Antoine Le Tolguenec (PhD 2021-, D. Wilson, E. Rachelson) — Autopilot testing with RL
Adil Zoutine (PhD 2021-, E. Rachelson) — Robustness to model uncertainties in RL
Mehdi Zouitine (PhD 2021-, A. Lagnoux, C. Pellegrini, E. Rachelson), RL for heterogeneous space observation missions planning
Giorgio Angelotti (PhD 2020-, N. Drougard, C. Chanel) — Offline Learning for Planning
Kaitlin Maile (PhD 2020-, D. Wilson, H. Luga) — Neural Architecture Search
Paul Templier (intern 2020, PhD 2020-, D. Wilson, E. Rachelson) — Bio-inspired Learning for Artificial Neural Networks
Brice Martin (PhD 2020-, M. Bauerheim, T. Jardin, E. Rachelson) — Aircraft control with RL
David Bertoin (PhD 2019-, S. Gerchinovitz, E. Rachelson) — Generalization in RL

The “former members” list has grown quite long over time and can be found here.


Don’t hesitate to contact us.

For prospective students. We often offer student projects, “parcours recherche” (ISAE-SUPAERO), or internships. Get in touch with us!